New toothbrush

August 2, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard to get Mae to pose for me – even for just one photo. I usually wait until she’s playing with something she really likes – then I ask if I can take a photo of her and whatever it is she’s playing with. She usually puts everything down and runs out for her photo. This time, she got a new princess toothbrush and insisted on including it in the photograph. Some day, she’ll look at this photo and think, “What the hell is that?”

Oh, and that’s Lainey acting as a stand-in prop. She’s doing much better after getting into a bottle of Advil the day we got back from the cottage. I had to rush her to emergency. She spent two nights there. They did all sorts of things to her to get her to through up – and clean out her system – and my wallet. I’m just happy she’s alive and doing fine.