First Grader

September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013

Yesterday was Mae’s first day of first grade — full-time! YES! (I’ll post up a photo later)… She had a good day – and when she came out she screamed, “I had the greatest day!”. Today, I dropped her off – helped her with her backpack and shoes — and she just turned and said, “See ya, Dad”.

Yeah – I’m feeling a little unneeded…

Sunday Morning

January 13, 2013

January 13, 2013

Yep, I’m still way behind, but one day I’ll get all caught up! Until then, let’s begin again from here, shall we?

Who said global warming is a farce? I’ll invite all of you to come to Toronto, CANADA – where it’s now raining and 50F. All our nice snow is gone. It’s like spring. I think I saw squirrels doing it in a tree. The world is a messed up place right now — but, let’s move on.

I just got back from Chicago. I went by myself for four days. My lovely wife joined me for two more days – and then it was back home for me. I think there’s no photo of Mae for one of the days I was gone – a first – but she’ll get over it. Dad needed a vacation and some rest. I enjoyed myself. I sucked in all of Chicago I could – I’m rested. I’m ready for round – round – whatever… Just bring it on!

I don’t think Mae missed me much. She was hanging out with her Granny – so life was good for her. When I walked through the door after my trip, I got a lukewarm welcome. I guess I don’t measure up to Granny.

I have a countdown calendar on my phone that tells me how many more days until Mae heads off to first grade – FULL DAYS of school! Less than 250 days from now I’ll have the house all to myself from 9 until 4. I cannot wait. As for Mae, she has an interview at the school before she’s officially accepted — she’s been preparing for it, too. One of her demands, er, requests, is to skip the 5th grade. Yeah, that’s right – skip the entire 5th grade. Why? Well, her big sister is in 5th grade, and Mae sees that she has to do a lot of homework (not really — but hey, perception becomes reality for some) – so, she just doesn’t want to do all that work – let’s just skip that grade. Such is Mae’s thinking…

Senior Kindergartener

September 4, 2012

She refused to call herself a SENIOR Kindergartener until she walked in the class the first day – then, it became official.

I’m helping Mae’s teacher out all this week. I don’t know how she’d do it on her own. Seriously. There are 19 little ones running around – half of them are completely new to the school process. Their little heads are exploding, or some of them are crying to go home – it’s chaos. Seriously, if you can lend a hand where your child goes to school – do it – if only for an hour a week – it’ll make a HUGE difference.