October 25, 2012

I had to borrow this image from Alison. I think I took a film image of Mae this day, but I haven’t developed the film yet. Or – maybe I didn’t. I’ve been really out of it as of late. I think Mae is out of it all the time.

Mae and the Macarons

September 29, 2012

We went out to sample some macarons this afternoon. I’m not feeling so hot, so I left the photo taking to my lovely wife, Alison.

We stopped in at La Bamboche. The macaron’s are quite good, maybe a little on the small side – but they have a wide selection. Notice in the photos a little hand — Mae could hardly wait to sample. I think she liked the strawberry filling ones the best (see the green ones with the little hand snatching them away? Yeah, that’s them). If you get a latte, be sure to get the single unless you like a HUGE mugs – way too much, but delicious.

Then – we were hungry, so we went to a really nice Italian place called Lil’ Baci – super good food. Mae had a small pizza. I had Lil’ Baci baked eggs – two eggs, roasted tomato, scamorza, italian sausage, and basil — the portion was perfect and just place delicious (I’m NOT a fan of roasted tomato – but it was so good in this dish). Alison had the Italian BLT – pancetta, arugula, house mayo, and roast cherry tomato — (a big thumbs-up from Mae’s mama, too!).

Yes, it’s true – we had dessert first — but it’s Saturday – and that’s how we roll.

Monday Monday

September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

I took the top image, and my lovely wife sent me the second image from her iPhone this morning on her way to school with Mae. I had to post them both.

Mae loves to read. She loves going to the library. Alison went to pick Mae up from school today to give me a bit of a break, and they both decided to head off to the library. When they got home, I read a few of Mae’s new books for her while we sat on the porch (in return for letting me take a quick snap of her – fair deal, I think).

Mae also loves pink and purple. Can’t you tell? 🙂

A side technical note: I used some pretty expired Polaroid 3000 to take the first image. I didn’t think it would work out. I found some for not a whole lot of money and took a chance on five packs of the stuff – I’m glad I did. It’s nice looking film, and I’m sure it was just stellar when it was fresh. Film – my addiction – is fading fast, but I’ll keep shooting it until one of both of us finally croaks.

Roughing it

August 8, 2012

I’m not sure what she’s doing here – I suspect she just went pee in the woods and Alison snapped a quick photo.

It’s their second day of camping, and from what I hear they are having big fun in the water and waves. I don’t think they’re driving their Granny too crazy – but there’s still another day to go.

As for me, I haven’t done much of anything while they’ve been gone – other than go out for a bite to eat last night – and clean up the disaster area I call my studio. I threw out a few bags of trash – organized some things – took inventory of some film I have squirreled away (it’ll take me 20 years to shoot it all) – and am now contemplating selling several cameras I haven’t used in a good long while.

But – this isn’t a place for me to ramble on – it’s for me to talk about my last progeny – Mae. I miss her – terribly. I still worry incessantly about her – I worry a shark will gobble her up while she swims in Lake Huron – or a giant Hopi owl will swoop down and snatch her – or a Black Mamba will ambush her on her way to the ice cream stand (Mae – not the Black Mamba)…

You think I’m kidding — I DO think like that – all that time. She’s not leaving home until she’s 40.