Skyping with Grandma

November 5, 2012

Mae and my mom have a Skype thing going on. I’m not big on video conferencing, it reminds me too much of the old corporate days. But – Mae and mom love it. They go on and on about nothing much at all – but they sure seem like they’re having fun.

I’m about 2 weeks behind. We went off to Mexico for most of that time. So, I’ll be catching up – hopefully – soon.

The Mae’s

June 27, 2012

My mom joined us on our vacation for a few days. Mae is named after my mom – actually, my mom’s middle name. I’ve always loved the name and wanted to give the name to one of my daughters – along came my last daughter, and I can’t imagine her as anything but a Mae.

We had a great time with my mom – but I think mom and Mae rekindled their relationship – they were inseparable. We ended up going to the Art Institute and Millennium Park, but man oh man was it ever hot. Both Mae’s just about melted…

A great time was had by all — Mae told Grandma all about Princess Barbie — and I think my mom actually freaked Mae out a little when she too could sing the Rainbow Song…

Thanks mom, for dropping by — I’m glad we sorted out how many times you’ve actually visited Toronto! You didn’t break any glasses! and you finally figured out where DEPARTURES really is at O’Hare 🙂