Roughing it

August 8, 2012

I’m not sure what she’s doing here – I suspect she just went pee in the woods and Alison snapped a quick photo.

It’s their second day of camping, and from what I hear they are having big fun in the water and waves. I don’t think they’re driving their Granny too crazy – but there’s still another day to go.

As for me, I haven’t done much of anything while they’ve been gone – other than go out for a bite to eat last night – and clean up the disaster area I call my studio. I threw out a few bags of trash – organized some things – took inventory of some film I have squirreled away (it’ll take me 20 years to shoot it all) – and am now contemplating selling several cameras I haven’t used in a good long while.

But – this isn’t a place for me to ramble on – it’s for me to talk about my last progeny – Mae. I miss her – terribly. I still worry incessantly about her – I worry a shark will gobble her up while she swims in Lake Huron – or a giant Hopi owl will swoop down and snatch her – or a Black Mamba will ambush her on her way to the ice cream stand (Mae – not the Black Mamba)…

You think I’m kidding — I DO think like that – all that time. She’s not leaving home until she’s 40.