September 19, 2012

I just wanted to take a photo of her in her new dress and leggings from Old Navy. She’s a big fan of leggings (gets that from her mama, I think) – and I love the dress. Mae calls it her dandelion dress. So – I asked her if I could take a quick photo of her and she said sure – but, she asked Alison if she could take the flowers with her to hold while I took the photo. That’s my girl – always thinking of props…

Oh – and while I was trying to set up the photo (yes, I had her stand right in the middle of our street – it’s not that busy) – there was a lady walking her big ‘ol Bulldog. He started growling and snarling at Mae and I could see Mae’s eyes through the viewfinder – she was a little nervous (and, come to think of it – so was I) but she stood there long enough for me to take a quick light meter reading / focus and take the shot (I didn’t frame it quite the way I wanted – I cut her foot off a bit)… The lady turned and walked the other way – but we got our photo. Right, Mae Mae? 🙂