October 3, 2012

She loves Barbie. Yeah, I know. Yesterday, she watched Barbie – The Mermaid — or something like that… So, after the show was done – she dug up her big sisters old Halloween costume and asked me to take a photo of her on the porch — and Lainey came along for the ride.

I want to live in Mae’s mind – if only for a day…

After school on the porch

September 25, 2012

It’s not easy taking interesting photos of Mae every single day, but I try.

I came across this site today:

Dave Engledow

Brilliant photos. I wish I would have come up with the idea. Now, I don’t think Mae would be very cooperative. I can’t begin to imagine the bribes it would take to put together just ONE crazy photo — but – hey – it might be worth a try…

Fall is near

September 16, 2012

Mae had to dig out her warm pullover this morning. She wasn’t overly happy. She said she wouldn’t give up wearing shorts – just yet. That’s my girl.

I took her to see Finding Nemo in 3D today. After the movie, she made me tear up when she said, “I love spending time with you, Dad – you’re the best Dad ever”.

The Crew (minus Saydie)

August 24, 2012

Some days it’s nearly impossible to get Mae to pose for me. She understands the project. She knows I need at least ONE good image of her a day. Just one. So when it takes me THREE shots to a good image, life with Mae can be difficult.

The first two images I took of her earlier in the day were just okay – nothing all that compelling. I knew I needed something just a little better – but the light was fading fast. Her big sister came to the rescue. If I suggest I take a photo of Leah by herself, Mae gets all in a tizzy. She just has to be in the photo — so, outside she came. I told them where to sit, Lainey decided to take part – I checked my light meter, adjusted my exposure settings – framed up the photo – and was done in less than 30 seconds. Not bad. I’m much happier with this image.

Today is another day.