Sisters share snacks

September 20, 2012

I’m down for the count today with an awful cold. My ears hurt, I’m having trouble breathing – and I just feel like I’m going to croak. So – I had to take a quick photo of Mae for today. Here you see the two sisters sharing a LATE after-school snack – and getting along, too! Shocking.

I’m hoping I’m still alive in the morning.

The lights are on – but nobody’s home

July 20, 2012

There are times when she just spaces out. I can call out her name several times, and it’s as if she’s on the moon – exploring – thinking about where she’ll go next. I like to take a quick snap when she’s like this. It’ll be a nice conversation piece when that cute and smart boy shows up at my door looking for Mae – I’m making a whole book of them for just such an occasion…