September 17, 2012

Let’s talk about me first – I managed to avoid a summer cold this year – almost. I came down with a nasty one this week and to top things off, I got a sty in my eye. Nice, huh? Actually, I’m feeling better, and some hot towels over my eye has helped. I thought my eye was going to swell shut, but it seems to have stopped swelling.

Okay – now, Mae. What can I say? She’s such a ham, and she’s been really good about reminding me each day that we need to take a photo for her website. She’s four and she gets it. I’m happy she does because I’m losing interest in photography these days. I’m not sure why. Maybe I just need a break from it all. Maybe it’s because the big camera show, Photokina is going on and my head is spinning reading about all the new stuff announced by so many different vendors — all of which are digital. No mention of film – other than Impossible Project cool new instant film. Digital photography is here to stay, and film is going away. But – I’ll hang on until the very last sheet of film is exposed.

I know – that wasn’t much about Mae, was it?