20/20 Vision

October 10, 2012

What I wouldn’t give for 20/20 vision – oh man. I hate wearing glasses — I hate wearing contacts. As a photographer, vision is everything – right?

I take Mae to the eye doctor once a year just to make sure her vision fine, and her eyes are healthy. Mae enjoys going for two reasons: 1. She loves the games the doctor has her play. She has to identify various objects on the wall – and then the doctor changes up the size and orientation and Mae has to identify the objects and what changed. She’s really great at the game. The part that makes me so envious is when she can pick out an object about the size of a thimble from a distance of 20 feet — I can’t even see it 2 feet away! — and — 2. There’s always a candy dish filled with yummy candies at the end of the exam (this is the leveler for me – I take MY share, too 🙂 )…

She’s good to go for another year – 20/20 – healthy eyes. She was polite and perfect. She makes me very proud.