Mae and Bubblegum

August 11, 2012

She loves Bubblegum. She found him at the zoo gift store last year, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She has lots of other stuffed animals, but this one is her buddy.

It’s been raining most of the day, so I had to take this photo before the window light faded – the light was really low, and I asked Mae to stand as still as she possibly could. I think this was a half second exposure — she does pretty well.

I took her grocery shopping with me this evening and she ran into her instructor for ballerina camp — they chatted away like two old ladies. I swear, I can’t go anywhere with Mae and not run into someone who knows her. She’ll be mayor of Toronto some day.

Take Positions

July 14, 2012

This morning, Mae gave us a recap of her recital. The way I understand it, a ballerina has to learn several positions. I THINK Mae is in the second position for this photo – I could be wrong. No matter, she’s just so dang cute, huh? (Just look at those twinkle toes!)

We had another scorcher of a day today – so Mae stayed in and did some drawing and coloring – and spent a little time on the computer. As for me, I painted the front porch – and right now the cold beer I’m drinking tastes sooooo good.

Tired Ballerina

July 11, 2012

She has just two more days of ballerina camp. She’s EXHAUSTED each day I pick her up, and each day she complains about being tired and sore – but I’m so glad she’s going. I really had to beg her to pose for this photo, and even when she agreed I had all of five seconds to figure out proper exposure – and I did a crappy job of composing the frame (I cut off her feet) – oh well.

I could so get use to dropping her off each day at 9 and not picking her up until 4. Oh wait, that will happen in 426 days! She’ll be starting 1st grade, and I’ll be dropping her AND her sister off at 8:30 each morning and won’t see them again until 3:40. What will I do with myself? Hmmm…

Sleeping Ballerina

July 9, 2012

I didn’t think she’d wake in time for the start of her ballerina workshop – but she did. I thought she’d do her usual delay tactics so she could spend more time at home – but she didn’t.

So – she’s now at her week-long workshop / camp with several new friends led by a REAL ballerina (she has such nice posture!).

It’s 10AM and I miss her already.

Busy Sunday Girl

July 8, 2012

She’s been so busy this summer, and summer is just getting underway. She spent the night at her Granny and Grandad’s places last night (always a very busy time while she’s there – she loves going) while Alison and I went to a wedding. Today, she had a birthday party to attend, and I was the designated driver. I think she was a little worn out from the night before, so she wasn’t quite on her game – she was a little miffed she didn’t get more turns to whack the pinata – and we didn’t stay long enough to have cake (her time limit for birthday parties is about 2 hours – the cake was still in the container at the 2-hour mark). She wasn’t happy when we left. She made a decent spectacle of herself as we were leaving. Oh well.

This coming week will be pure heaven for both of us. Mae is going to a ballerina workshop where she’ll make her own tutu! She’ll be taught by a REAL ballerina – and have fun all week long. I will get to drop her off at 9 in the morning, and I won’t pick her up until 4! Yes! What will I do with all the time? Nap? Write? Read? Take a few photos? My head spins with the possibilities – just as I’m sure her head will be spinning in what hopefully will be the coolest summer camp ever for our Mae.

There is a God.