Early morning light

August 12, 2012

She woke up early this morning – on her own. I think it was 7:15 or maybe 7:30 – either way, it’s a vast improvement. There’s hope that next week (first week of school) will go just a little smoother than last year’s start of school.

Surprisingly, she was in a pretty good mood, too. I asked her if I could take her photo – she told me I could – after she finished her breakfast. Fair enough. I waited and she was ready to go right after her last bite of waffles. The morning light was fantastic – she posed for me right in the middle of the street – one take – a wrap for the day.

She decided she didn’t want to go to daycare – and I’m just no good at making her do things she doesn’t want to do. She’s a homebody – like me. She loves her room, she loves being around her people, and just generally never wants to leave. I’m hoping this will change by the time she’s 30.

I needed another small fridge to store a little more film, so I took Mae along with me. We attempted to sing the 12 Days of Christmas song, but we only got through the first 4 days of Christmas – mostly because she didn’t believe there were FOUR CALLING BIRDS — THREE FRENCH HENS — and TWO TURTLE DOVES — “Too many birds, Dah” — she was okay with the partridge in a pear tree bit — but just couldn’t go along with the notion that someone would give that many birds as gifts – just in the first four days. I’m not making this up — I don’t think I could. So – I had to turn on the satellite Hits 1 radio station for her — Call Me, Maybe — oh yeah!