Mae & Bubblegum

July 17, 2012

It’s not too hard to get her to pose with her favorite friend, Raspberry Bubblegum. Also, she LOVES when the strobe goes off – she says it makes her feel like a movie star. Go figure.

This summer, I’ve been helping Mae’s Kindergarten teacher paint the classroom. Today, I took Mae along. She was absolutely thrilled to see her teacher. They have a wonderful connection and it’s fun to watch them interact. Mae thought it was pretty cool that her teacher brought along her 9-year-old son. Mae was smitten right away — she’s almost 5 and she’s already boy crazy. Oh man.

I think Mae is really looking forward to the new school year. She knows I’m stepping up my volunteer game to two days a week. Yeah. I must be crazy, but you know what? I’ll never have the chance like this again. I get to be directly involved with Mae and all the other kids – I can actually help mold and shape their little minds (I think that’s a good thing 🙂 ). The big plus for me is just spending time with Mae – and helping her learn how to learn. I hope she remembers at least some of what we do together — I really do…