Summer ain’t over ’til I say it’s over

August 31, 2012

Mae still has her summer groove on. She’s been acting loopy today – probably because of the full moon — but I think it’s mostly that she doesn’t want summer to end. We went to our friend’s house today – they have a nice nice outdoor pool, and Mae just didn’t want to leave (it may have had something to do with the fact that they have three very handsome boys!).

I’m with Mae — this summer has been awesome. I went back home to Chicago (first time in five years) – and crossed off most of our Want To Do This Summer list items — the one’s we didn’t get to can go on the top of the list for next year — we had a great summer — AND — by my calculations we have a touch over 3 weeks left of summer! Yeah, I know – school starts soon — but we’ll still find a way to have some summer fun before the winds of fall start blowing through…

Mae says: It ain’t over ’til I say it’s over!

She looks more and more like her mama

August 29, 2012

She went with her mama to get her hair cut. I like it. She looks all grown up. She looks more and more like her mama each day.

The Crew (minus Saydie)

August 24, 2012

Some days it’s nearly impossible to get Mae to pose for me. She understands the project. She knows I need at least ONE good image of her a day. Just one. So when it takes me THREE shots to a good image, life with Mae can be difficult.

The first two images I took of her earlier in the day were just okay – nothing all that compelling. I knew I needed something just a little better – but the light was fading fast. Her big sister came to the rescue. If I suggest I take a photo of Leah by herself, Mae gets all in a tizzy. She just has to be in the photo — so, outside she came. I told them where to sit, Lainey decided to take part – I checked my light meter, adjusted my exposure settings – framed up the photo – and was done in less than 30 seconds. Not bad. I’m much happier with this image.

Today is another day.

Sleepy Head

August 20, 2012

Two weeks from tomorrow will be start of school. Mae will be a big time Senior Kindergartener – a seasoned vet of the Kindergarten crowd – hard to believe. That part I’m excited about – what I’m NOT looking forward to is the first day of school if she’s still in the sleep-in-late mode she’s in now.

I get up to go workout around 5:15am – everyone is sound asleep. The dogs don’t even stir. I usually get home around 7ish. The house is still asleep. I make myself a nice soy latte. No sounds from anything other than my trusty 10-year-old Saeco espresso machine. I can check email, look at some pretty pictures, see what the stock market is going to do for the day, feed the dogs, and let Lainey out to do her thing. Still – nothing.

It’s usually around 8:15-8:30 when I hear Mae’s door close. She closes her door behind her every morning. It’s just her thing. Then, she comes down and sits on my lap and “cuddles” with me. We talk in hushed tones for maybe 15 minutes – then, she’s ready for breakfast. She finishes breakfast around 9, and then she’s ready for the day. Keep in mind – school will begin at 9 sharp.

I have my work cut out for me…

Growing up

August 16, 2012

I took this shot just after breakfast this morning. It’s not anything special, but Mae was in a chilled mood so I took the opportunity to get my image before she geared up for the day. I may have a second one later – one of her favorite cousin’s is coming over for dinner – maybe I’ll take a photo of the two of them on the porch.

When I see her in this photo, I’m reminded she’s growing up. She’s no longer a baby – a toddler; she’s a big girl now. Where does the time go?

Last day at the cottage

July 28, 2012

I know she enjoyed herself. Just look at all that happiness on her face – look at her new tattoos!

I have so many wonderful photos from our vacation, I’m going to have to figure out how to put up a gallery here so the girls can see them all together in one place.

Another great year at the cottage, but, I have to say, this year it really hit me hard – how quickly they both are growing up. Mae is no longer my little baby – she’s quite the girlie girl – and her sister is already thinking about boys…



July 27, 2012

We had one stormy day and COOL day, but the girls wanted to swim. They reluctantly came out of the lake for a quick photo together. Brrrr!