Light leaks can be cool

September 18, 2012

I try to shoot all the images for this site with instant film. I several cameras which take instant film, but there’s one I really enjoy using. It’s a converted Polaroid 110B – converted to use pack film like Fuji 100C / Fuji 3000B / and various expired Polaroid films. It’s a beast, but I like how the lens renders and it’s just kind of fun to use.

I had some focusing issues with it in the beginning and got those resolved, but then light leaks appeared – not as bad as you see in this image, but things just sort of got worse – or – better, depending on your view of light leaks. I like light leaks when I use some cameras, but I just don’t like them when I shoot instant film. I tried to fix the leaks myself, but there’s a reason I’m not allowed to use a hammer or a screwdriver – I’m dangerous with them – I just make things worse. So – I sent my camera off for repair. I’m hoping my repair person can fix it all up for me – as I said, I really like the look of the images I get from this camera. I’d miss it if it had to be retired for good.

Sorry Mae — I hijacked your site…

Hmmm – what about Mae? Well, I know she’s my daughter when she goes with her mama to Old Navy and pitches a complete fit at the checkout because she changed her mind about something she wanted. Apparently, she made quite the scene, and when they got home Mae told me all about it and characterized the situation as all her mama’s fault. Yeah, she’s like me — and she was probably right 🙂

Budding Model

August 18, 2012

The light was fading fast this evening, but Mae was on the job. I wish I could say the same thing for my camera. I have a light leak that just started. There are ten photos in a pack of film and this was photo #6 – so, something decided to shake loose or pull away – or whatever happens when a light leak occurs. I SUCK at camera repair. I’m too impatient. Although, I must say, I repaired a faulty parallax mask in my wonderful Rolleiflex recently. Normally I would just send it back to my repair guy – but he walked me through the scary steps of removing the top and the screen and making the fix. I did it, and I feel like a real man now.

But – light leaks are like ghosts in the machine – I just don’t get along with them. I’ve sent a note to my repair guy, along with this photo – I’ll wait for his reply. I’m sure he’ll fix it right up. I just hate all the back-and-forth to get it fixed.

Today – oh yeah, Today! We took the girls to Center Island. A pretty cool place here in Toronto. A place where you can picnic – there’s an amusement park – a petting zoo – and just a nice get away from the city. We bought them each a day pass to the amusement park so they could ride whatever they wanted – whenever they wanted. I think they had a nice time. Mae even went on a pony ride.

I really do enjoy doing things with the girls. I do. But – I’m feeling that pull of NYC – or some other getaway place – just Alison and me – no kids. I can’t remember the last time we got away, just the two of us — but we’re due. I need some adult away time – I need to wake up with no dogs or kids urging me on for breakfast – no dishes – no cleanup – just room service – somewhere with lots of pretty things to photograph and see… That’s all I ask – and just for a few days — I’d miss my Mae…

They’re back…

August 9, 2012

It was raining early this morning, so they decided to cut the day short and come back home. Whimpy campers.

Mae still holds out hope that someday I too will want to be a camper. Not gonna happen. Roughin’ it for me is staying at the Howard Johnson’s. I don’t like waking up to snakes in my sleeping bag, or bears eating my bacon. Nope. No way. I’ll stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I think Mae is glad to be back home. She’s now laying on our new bed watching a Barbie movie… girls — pfft…