Happy Child


I don’t post here very often – and I need to change that. I’ll try – but Instagram is so easy and fun! Right?

Mae still loves to have her photo taken. She’s into props – and likes to set things up HER way. She even tells ME how to read the meter – and reminds me if I forget to the take the lens cap off (I think I have that one down when using a Hasselblad 🙂 ). I LOVE photographing her. I just cleaned up my office and put all the prints I have of her in THREE HUGE boxes. She’ll have an amazing amount of photos of her childhood. I can’t imagine having just a tenth of what she has. I really hope she appreciates all the effort.

She’s doing well in second grade. She loves her teacher (although, when she sees her first grade teacher it’s as if she’s in the presence of royalty – an endearing thing to witness). She’s lost her two bottom teeth, and her two top ones are loose. She’s incredibly fun to roll with. She never stops talking. She never stops asking questions. She’s insightful (many times giving me something to think about that I thought I had worked out in my head years ago)…

I cherish every moment we have together. She’s a Godsend.Truly. And – I’m so thankful for her each and every morning when I kiss her awake – and every night when I kiss her to sleep…

While at School

October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

I know, I’m way behind posting images. I may never catch up – but I’ll try to be better at this (note to Mae: looking in the big black box for any days that are missing here 🙂 )…

Mae’s first grade teacher sent this one to me today – thanks so much for contributing to the cause!