You’re My Everything

August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Nah, she wouldn’t do that, would she?

August 14, 2012

I didn’t notice until I went to scan the print. She wouldn’t actually give her old dad the finger, would she? Nah… Would she? 🙂

I had a little break today – Mae went to daycare, and I have to say it was nice to have a little peace and quiet. I took a nap – something I really needed because I was up at 4AM’ish when the electricity went out. I have power backups on our computers, so when the electricity goes out, an alarm sounds to tell me to power things down in the next thirty minutes. I lay there for ten minutes listening to the alarms – just about to get up – and then the electricity came back on. Too late. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up, got dressed for a workout and headed to the club. I was done with my workout by 6:20. Yeah, I needed a nap.

I picked Mae up from daycare – or – I should say, I took the wagon with me and shuttled her home. She HATES walking when she’s tired – and she’s ALWAYS tired after daycare. I did my best to get her to pose for me on the way home – no luck. I tried once we got home – no luck. I even made her favorite pizza for dinner – still no luck.

The thing about Mae is you have to catch her at just the right time if you want a nice photo. That time is usually when she’s sitting on my lap and telling me that she loves me – and that’s exactly what happened. It’s just the two of us this evening – her mama is out with some guy named Picasso – so Mae and I had dinner, and when she got to the “I love you dah” part, I just said, “Can I PLEASE just take ONE photo?”her response: “sure, dada”. She wanted to take along MY teddy bear for the photo (I’ve had him for as long as I can remember) – perfect…


August 13, 2012

I have five daughters. Five. No sons. None. I can’t complain, but it would have been nice to have just one son in the mix. Maybe next life.

I mention this because Mae has turned out to be the biggest girlie girl of them all – something I never thought would happen. She was a rough and tough toddler. She liked her black skull and crossbones t-shirt. She was so-so on the whole dollies things. Not anymore – she’s all about princesses, rainbows, pink, and purple. And, now that her mama is home for a while, she has her hair put in braids, and they do — girlie stuff. No more black t-shirts – no more watching A-Team re-runs together… Just rainbows and princesses.

Where did I go wrong? 🙂

Pensive Mae

August 12, 2012

Maybe I mentioned this before, but it seems Mae NEVER SHUTS UP! I took this photo about five minutes after she woke up this morning – the ONLY time she was quiet all day. I’m not kidding. It’s wearing. She’s like a walking wikipedia – she has an answer, or opinion/arugument, for everything. Clearly, she can’t be my child.

I spent most of my day with Mae. Alison needed a break – especially after spending 3 days with both girls camping. I decided to take Mae to the playground where she asked me to push her on the swing – that went on for over an hour! Then, we had to do the teeter-totter – then the slide… She talked my ear off the entire time. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I suggested a snack. Surely she’d keep quiet while munching on a cookie, right? Uh – no – she just kept talking right through snack time — then through dinner time – then after dinner — then through bath time – then when it was time to go to bed.

It’s now 9:30 at night – I can hear Mae in her room calling out to us — “I love you mommy and daddy!

Yes, it’s cute — but my ears need a rest…

Goodnight, Mae. I love you, too.

Mae and Bubblegum

August 11, 2012

She loves Bubblegum. She found him at the zoo gift store last year, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She has lots of other stuffed animals, but this one is her buddy.

It’s been raining most of the day, so I had to take this photo before the window light faded – the light was really low, and I asked Mae to stand as still as she possibly could. I think this was a half second exposure — she does pretty well.

I took her grocery shopping with me this evening and she ran into her instructor for ballerina camp — they chatted away like two old ladies. I swear, I can’t go anywhere with Mae and not run into someone who knows her. She’ll be mayor of Toronto some day.


August 7, 2012

I took this just before they headed off to go camping with their mama and granny. Mae was so excited she couldn’t sit still – oh well.

I gave Leah my prized compact binoculars, and loaned her my Sibley’s bird book. Both girls love watching birds and checking them off as they find a new one. I think they like the stories I tell them about each bird – and they’re always on the lookout no matter where we go. Mae loves to find a bird she knows without looking at the book (she’s pretty good, probably knows 6 or 7 without help), and then asks me to check it off again when we get home. It warms my heart to see them enjoying something I’ve enjoyed my whole life.

Mae wants to move to San Fran

August 6, 2012

Our friends, Heather and Derek, dropped by Toronto on their way back home to San Fran. We had breakfast together, and now Mae is mulling over a potential move to the west coast. Mae loved them both, and when she heard about Derek’s dog, Bug – that just about sealed the deal – until I told her there would be a trade – Mae for Bug (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bug – possibly the greatest dog ever – Lainey is a close second – but Bug is the man) – I don’t think she’ll relocate…

Seriously, we had a great visit. Way too much time passed between visits, but like most of our best friends – when we see them again, it’s as if we just saw them last week. I love hearing news from home – we could have spent all day chatting, but – San Fran is calling for them home – and we have two rambunctious girls to look after. We’ll miss you, Heather and Derek — our turn to drop by your place… Good luck to you both with your new endeavors — I’m always envious hearing about what you’re up to… Safe travels — and Mae sends her love…