Under the weather

October 6, 2012

From the moment Mae was born she filled a room with energy – she has a presence and she makes it known. So – it was very odd yesterday when she came upstairs to lay in the bed – and she just stared at the ceiling. She didn’t say another other than her legs were wobbly. I knew something was up. I’ve never seen her off her game — except one other time when she had the flu.

I carried her downstairs. She didn’t want anything to eat. She wanted me to cover her up on the couch – nothing more. I gave her some Tylenol – and she fell asleep – for 3 or 4 hours. She didn’t move.

When she woke up, she asked for Honeynut Cheerios – she sat at the table with me along with her favorite blanket wrapped around her. A good sign. She told me she loved me. A much better sign. After she finished eating, she went to the bathroom – closed the door – and I could hear her singing. A sure sign she was going to make it and be ready for Canada’s Turkey Day.

I don’t like when she’s quiet and comatose. Let’s not let that happen again…