Hands full of dolls

September 30, 2012

Mae has the cough that I’ve had for over a week now. We decided to keep her in all day today, but that didn’t stop Mae from painting portraits, spray painting farm animals (don’t ask), creating a mult-media fairytale land, and breaking out the Russian dolls you see here in her hands. The cool thing about the dolls is they are made so a child (or adult) can use chalk to create whatever appearance they wish — the dolls are sort of like a 3D chalkboard. Mae loves them – she spent a fair amount of time creating something on each doll.

Oh — and while she was working on her projects, I was busy trying to catch up on a little of my scanning – and I volunteered to do some of Alison’s. Mae had this to say: Dad, it’s been a very long while since you used THAT scanner. (She was referring to my 35mm scanner — and she’s right, it’s been over a month since I scanned 35mm — but don’t you just hate little over-achievers who make you feel little and inadequate? 🙂 )