Mae and the Macarons

September 29, 2012

We went out to sample some macarons this afternoon. I’m not feeling so hot, so I left the photo taking to my lovely wife, Alison.

We stopped in at La Bamboche. The macaron’s are quite good, maybe a little on the small side – but they have a wide selection. Notice in the photos a little hand — Mae could hardly wait to sample. I think she liked the strawberry filling ones the best (see the green ones with the little hand snatching them away? Yeah, that’s them). If you get a latte, be sure to get the single unless you like a HUGE mugs – way too much, but delicious.

Then – we were hungry, so we went to a really nice Italian place called Lil’ Baci – super good food. Mae had a small pizza. I had Lil’ Baci baked eggs – two eggs, roasted tomato, scamorza, italian sausage, and basil — the portion was perfect and just place delicious (I’m NOT a fan of roasted tomato – but it was so good in this dish). Alison had the Italian BLT – pancetta, arugula, house mayo, and roast cherry tomato — (a big thumbs-up from Mae’s mama, too!).

Yes, it’s true – we had dessert first — but it’s Saturday – and that’s how we roll.