Ballerina’s and the photo bomber

September 26, 2012

Mae went to a play date at one of her best friend’s house. They were classmates last year, but this year her friend is in French immersion (they speak French all day! – not my thing). Still, they see each other in the schoolyard every day and remain great friends. They both are Type A personalities, so play dates can be a little challenging at times – especially when it comes to sharing, or agreeing on what to do next. Thankfully, this play date when smoothly – and everyone was happy.

I went to pick Mae up when it was time, and found she had changed out of her clothes and into a ballerina outfit – and her friend had one to match. It too me a minute to realize what was going on — it’s always about the dress-up for girls – never fails. Mae has a box FULL of different costumes, and her friends love coming over to play dress-up. It’s no different when Mae goes to her friends’ house’s.

Anyway — before I went to pick her up, I thought I should take a camera with me – but I somehow forgot — so, I had to use my iPhone to take this image — I’m glad I at least had my iPhone — and — just as I was about to take the photo of just the two of them, the little sister jumped right in — which, I think, makes the photo. (she’s holding a toy, which she says is very FRAGILE — her word of the week).

Oh — and even though Mae’s legs look chubby — they really aren’t – it’s just that her friend is like Twiggy (full of energy – and NEVER seems to stop moving! Unlike Mae, who likes LOVES her chill time…).