Faces of Mae

September 21, 2012

Mae went to her sister’s school last night for a welcome back BBQ. I didn’t go – I wasn’t feeling so hot – but I’m a lot better this morning (just in time for the cold cold rain falling). Mae will be going to the same school next year, and the BBQ was just the thing to psyche her up for the transition. They had all sorts of fun things to do for all the kids (grades 1 through 8) – and, from what I hear, Mae sampled just about every activity – including face painting.

Mae lives life large every single day.

Oh — and according to my countdown app, there are just 345 Days, 23 hours until Mae goes off to 1st Grade — full time — all day — giving me — FREEDOM! What I’ll do with my free time is unimportant – I’m sure I’ll figure something out — just 8300 hours to go…