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September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

I took the top image, and my lovely wife sent me the second image from her iPhone this morning on her way to school with Mae. I had to post them both.

Mae loves to read. She loves going to the library. Alison went to pick Mae up from school today to give me a bit of a break, and they both decided to head off to the library. When they got home, I read a few of Mae’s new books for her while we sat on the porch (in return for letting me take a quick snap of her – fair deal, I think).

Mae also loves pink and purple. Can’t you tell? 🙂

A side technical note: I used some pretty expired Polaroid 3000 to take the first image. I didn’t think it would work out. I found some for not a whole lot of money and took a chance on five packs of the stuff – I’m glad I did. It’s nice looking film, and I’m sure it was just stellar when it was fresh. Film – my addiction – is fading fast, but I’ll keep shooting it until one of both of us finally croaks.