Mae made a pillow

August 23, 2012

Mae is always making something. Today, she made a pillow at daycare. She decorated and painted it. She told me it’s a butterfly sleeping. Okay, then. I can see that.

It was nice having three days of quiet time while Mae was away at daycare. I still miss her like crazy, and I still don’t know what to do with myself – but I know it’s good for my blood pressure.

There’s about 12 days left before school starts. Mae is STILL sleeping in. I think she was up close to 8:15 this morning. Oh man – it’s going to a challenge if she doesn’t start rolling out of bed a little earlier each day. I just hate waking her – she’s a BEAR in the morning – but I’m now thinking she’ll be Godzilla by the time school starts if I don’t start doing something now… Seems to me we went through this last year. Maybe I should take a short trip back home that first week of school. Hmmm…