Vintage Mae

August 22, 2012

Mae actually wanted to go to daycare today. Shocking. I think it’s because we told her that if she didn’t go, she’d have to go with both mom and dad to a boring meeting where she’d have to sit quietly and behave. I could see her wheels spinning while we were briefing her on the day – Uh no – Mom and Dad have flipped their lids, I’m not rolling with them today – no way!

It worked out for all of us. We were able to go to our meeting without Mae (we’re discussing a pretty cool photo project) – and Mae had fun with her caregiver – someone she adores and has known since she was in diapers (since Mae was in diapers – not the caregiver)… 🙂

Mae will go again tomorrow. It’s just nice to have the time to catch up on errands I won’t get a chance to do once school starts. I have a camera lens repair which requires me to drive out to Canon’s service center — and I need to send off some things to a friend — and I’m about to sell off several lenses and cameras I just don’t use any longer… Also, it’s less than two weeks until GO TIME – school will begin. I’m trying to use the time wisely…