Budding Model

August 18, 2012

The light was fading fast this evening, but Mae was on the job. I wish I could say the same thing for my camera. I have a light leak that just started. There are ten photos in a pack of film and this was photo #6 – so, something decided to shake loose or pull away – or whatever happens when a light leak occurs. I SUCK at camera repair. I’m too impatient. Although, I must say, I repaired a faulty parallax mask in my wonderful Rolleiflex recently. Normally I would just send it back to my repair guy – but he walked me through the scary steps of removing the top and the screen and making the fix. I did it, and I feel like a real man now.

But – light leaks are like ghosts in the machine – I just don’t get along with them. I’ve sent a note to my repair guy, along with this photo – I’ll wait for his reply. I’m sure he’ll fix it right up. I just hate all the back-and-forth to get it fixed.

Today – oh yeah, Today! We took the girls to Center Island. A pretty cool place here in Toronto. A place where you can picnic – there’s an amusement park – a petting zoo – and just a nice get away from the city. We bought them each a day pass to the amusement park so they could ride whatever they wanted – whenever they wanted. I think they had a nice time. Mae even went on a pony ride.

I really do enjoy doing things with the girls. I do. But – I’m feeling that pull of NYC – or some other getaway place – just Alison and me – no kids. I can’t remember the last time we got away, just the two of us — but we’re due. I need some adult away time – I need to wake up with no dogs or kids urging me on for breakfast – no dishes – no cleanup – just room service – somewhere with lots of pretty things to photograph and see… That’s all I ask – and just for a few days — I’d miss my Mae…