Mae goes to the dentist

August 10, 2012

What child loves going to the dentist? Give up? You’re looking at her. They love her at the dentist. Mae turns on the charm and her radiant bright smile – she shows everyone how she can floss her own teeth – she gives a demo on a gigantic model of HUGE teeth how to brush properly, never missing a single surface. She giggled while having her teeth cleaned – she swished and spit like a pro – let them put trays of fluoride foam in her mouth and LOVED it! Who is this child?

I have to say, watching Mae made me feel pretty proud to be her dad. She’s larger than life, and people love her wherever she goes. She’s brave, polite, engaging, funny. She makes everyone around her feel important and loved. (She must have said, “I love you dad”, twenty times during our visit (the dentist ate that up – so did I).

She’s a star.