Tired Ballerina

July 11, 2012

She has just two more days of ballerina camp. She’s EXHAUSTED each day I pick her up, and each day she complains about being tired and sore – but I’m so glad she’s going. I really had to beg her to pose for this photo, and even when she agreed I had all of five seconds to figure out proper exposure – and I did a crappy job of composing the frame (I cut off her feet) – oh well.

I could so get use to dropping her off each day at 9 and not picking her up until 4. Oh wait, that will happen in 426 days! She’ll be starting 1st grade, and I’ll be dropping her AND her sister off at 8:30 each morning and won’t see them again until 3:40. What will I do with myself? Hmmm…