June 20, 2012

I volunteer at Mae’s school once a week. I’m very fortunate I can take the time and it’s a great opportunity for me to see what’s she’s up to and how she’s doing in school. I love it so much that I’m going to volunteer for two days next year.

I not only get the chance to see Mae in academic action, but I get to see how she interacts with her friends. The best I can tell, she’s loved by all her classmates – and she, no doubt, loves them, too. I’ve been there all year long. Not only have I volunteered once a week, but I’ve been on every field trip — so the kids know me. They’re use to me being around.

So – today, I was putting together some packets to send home with the kids – just minding my own business, but I could hear various discussions going on. One particular conversation caught my attention — it was Mae talking with several boys. The boys were all showing off for Mae. Each one of them went on about what THEIR dad could do. Lift a house. Ride a motorcycle. Run a marathon. Swim a mile. On and on…

Mae listened to each one of them very closely. She’s always engaged in conversation, she just makes you feel special. Then, when everyone was through, Mae said, “Well… My dad…” — I’m listening very closely at this point – I’m on the edge of my seat — “Well… My dad — hurt his back and can’t do anything”…

I’m deflated.