Living Life Large

June 19, 2012

I rarely tell her no. I just don’t. Why? Because she forgets. She’ll say things like, “Dah, could I get a new car when I’m nine?” – easy answer: sure!… she usually asks for silly things that she knows I can’t come up with at that moment — so, I just go along with whatever she asks for — and I can’t remember a time she actually followed up with anything… So far, so good…

Imagine living your life like that. Whatever you asked for, the answer is always YES! Her teacher says she’s the happiest and most loving child she knows — well, now you know why!

She’s very tired this evening. She goes to daycare on Tues / Thurs most weeks – sometimes it works out to be different days, but no matter – whenever she goes, she comes home exhausted (thank you Stephanie!). We took her out to our favorite burger place. We needed to get out and have a beer or two. Mae had grilled cheese and just spaced out. A good day for all.

It’s going to be a scorcher tomorrow.