Catching Up

I have lots of photos of Mae. Lots of them. I want to put some of them here – but what I really want to do is put my darkroom back together to make some nice film images. Here’s one that I shot last spring of Mae on the back deck.

Mae with a cupcake

Work In Progress

Mae and I are collaborating! She’s now 11! And she wants some say in this site – and I don’t blame her. So far, I’ve been the one curating her life. I think it’s time she becomes the creative director of her life 🙂

And… We’re back!

I forgot I have this domain! I spend almost all my time on Instagram these days! But – it’s nice to have a place to post photos at a larger size – and maybe say a bit more about what I’m posting.

Today was a half-day for Mae at school – but I let her take the day off so we could spend some time together with Alison and catch up. We went and did some furniture shopping – had lunch at one of our favorite Cuban places – and stopped at Bang Bang Ice Cream! I think Mae was quite happy to spend time with her parents – at least, I hope so 🙂

Happy Child


I don’t post here very often – and I need to change that. I’ll try – but Instagram is so easy and fun! Right?

Mae still loves to have her photo taken. She’s into props – and likes to set things up HER way. She even tells ME how to read the meter – and reminds me if I forget to the take the lens cap off (I think I have that one down when using a Hasselblad 🙂 ). I LOVE photographing her. I just cleaned up my office and put all the prints I have of her in THREE HUGE boxes. She’ll have an amazing amount of photos of her childhood. I can’t imagine having just a tenth of what she has. I really hope she appreciates all the effort.

She’s doing well in second grade. She loves her teacher (although, when she sees her first grade teacher it’s as if she’s in the presence of royalty – an endearing thing to witness). She’s lost her two bottom teeth, and her two top ones are loose. She’s incredibly fun to roll with. She never stops talking. She never stops asking questions. She’s insightful (many times giving me something to think about that I thought I had worked out in my head years ago)…

I cherish every moment we have together. She’s a Godsend.Truly. And – I’m so thankful for her each and every morning when I kiss her awake – and every night when I kiss her to sleep…

Margot Tenenbaum

April 2014

April 2014

I spend most of my time posting images to Instagram – and also to flickr (mostly to just have a backup somewhere – flickr isn’t what it use to be). But – I really do need to post more here – and write more.

Mae is busy with first grade. When Mae started school, we honestly thought it wouldn’t go well with the social side. Mae was concerned she didn’t know anyone (we switched her to the school where her big sister goes – so Mae left behind all her friends.

Well – Mae is doing great – socially. She knows so many people in her school – and most of the parents. She’s known to give the best hugs (it’s like a weird cult thing, this hugging) — and it takes forever to get her to the car after school – lots of last minute chats and hugs and … well — she’s well-liked.

She needs to pay a little closer attention in class — she’s distracted easily — but I think she’ll come around. I’ve told her if she doesn’t – she’ll be repeating first grade with the incoming first graders who were previously kindergarteners — that whole notion has inspired her to get her act together…

While I have a photo from every day of Mae’s life – I just don’t have the time to keep things organized and posted here… So – I’ll be a little more loose with my own rules — and post when I can — and make note of the more interesting things that happen in her busy life…

Oh — she went the dentist last week. Mae is a little perturbed she has yet to lose any teeth – like most of her friends. The dentist assured her new teeth are on the way – her bottom baby teeth are loosening up… So – be on the lookout for photos of a toothless Mae — should be interesting…

Christmas 2013

December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013

They’ve called a cease-fire today — I hope it lasts into the New Year… Sisters…


Summer of 2013

Summer of 2013

I took this image sometime this summer. These two have known each other most of there lives. They had a play date this past weekend that lasted about 6 hours. They never stopped talking. They never fought. They both were exhausted by the time it was time to break up the party… I’m happy they have each other.